Third Trimester

Pregnancy is one of the special physiological conditions in a woman’s life. A woman steps into the world of motherhood on conception. A would-be mother or a pregnant woman has to take immense care of herself and the baby which is growing within her womb because it gets total nourishment from its mother. The entire pregnancy period is known as the gestational period which is of 9 months. This entire period is divided into three parts- each of 3 months. They are termed as trimesters- First, second and third trimester.

The first trimester marks the beginning of the gestational period while the third trimester marks the end. Hence, these two trimesters are equally crucial for the pregnant woman. A pregnant woman has to live very carefully in both periods. The first time is comprised of the first, second and third months of pregnancy while the second trimester is comprised of the fourth, fifth and sixth months. The third trimester is between the seventh and tenth month and it completes the pregnancy period.

Third Trimester is the time when you are very close to delivery. Yes, this is the time when you have passed the two stages of pregnancy and now you are in the last stage of pregnancy. This is the time you should prepare for baby birth by preparing your delivery bag or even prepare your baby room. Here at Mom and Baby World, we can provide you the third-trimester guide, advice, and tips to make this time comfortable for you and your baby too.

Commencement of the third trimester means that it is almost time to start making preparations to welcome the baby. The mother mentally gets prepared for the journey as a mother. Now, in the third trimester, there are certain physical changes which take place in the mother’s body. These changes mostly cause discomfort in the body. Some of the changes occurring in the third trimester are:-

  • Backache-

    The extra weight put on during pregnancy poses pressure at the back, thereby making it feel achy at times. The body demands backrest or a fluffy and soft medium at this time. There is also a little bit pressure caused at the pelvis and hips too.
  • Bleeding-

    Bleeding can also occur to some extent from parts placenta which calls for immediate attention.
  • Contractions-

    At times, there might be contractions in the uterus which indicates that it is time for real labour to begin. The lady must be prepared to face the situation. If the contractions are too frequent, then the doctor must be immediately informed.
  • Enlargement of breasts-

    As the body starts preparing for lactation, therefore enlargement of breasts are seen in the third trimester. Breasts often become saggy causing pain at the back. A yellowish fluid called colostrums is seen to ooze out of nipples. This is normal and it is very beneficial for the newborn.

In the third trimester, the foetus within the mother’s womb also grows at a rapid rate. The weight increases as well as the length. Apart from this, hair, bones, skin and nails, digestive system, sensory organs and brains grow in the third trimester only. The foetus receives nutrition from the mother. So, she should always maintain a good nutritional status in order to nourish the foetus.