Early signs of pregnancy

Think you might be expecting? But don’t know how to identify? Here at Mom and Baby World, you will be able to find the Early signs of pregnancy which will help you know if you are pregnant. Are you tired to wait for two pink lines on the pregnancy tester? Now, don’t need to visit the bathroom for this regularly as you can check it through some common symptoms found in your body.

Pregnancy signs may vary depending upon the body of woman. Some women notice them immediately after conceiving, while others may notice when they skip their menstrual cycle. Here are the common signs of pregnancy:

1. Tender Breasts, Darkening Areolas: -

This is one of the first sign you may notice after conception. You may feel pain in breasts and nipples. Swollen breasts are common among women who are pregnant. Darkening areolas is also common sign to notice which means the area around the nipples gets darker.

2. Minor bleeding or Cramping:-

This is another sign of early pregnancy. You may notice minor bleeding or spotting approximately a week before your periods. Minor bleeding or cramping is a sign of pregnancy and it may happen after 10 to 12 days of conception.

3. Increased basal body temperature:-

Here it means if your basal body temperature gets high regularly then it could be a sign of pregnancy. Most women don’t notice but this is a sign that helps you know that your pregnancy test is going to be positive.

4. Fatigue:--

Fatigue, the very common sign of pregnancy. If you feel more tired as compared to your usual routine then this implies you are pregnant. During pregnancy, women often feel fatigue and it is bit difficult to deal with it. The woman doesn’t feel comfortable anywhere and they feel tired and sleepy.

5. Frequent urination:-

Another important sign of pregnancy you can notice is frequent urination. When egg is placed in your uterus then hCG hormone increases and rise up drastically.

6. Missed menstrual period:-

One of the most common sign of pregnancy that most of women notice. When a woman miss period then a hope of pregnancy arise. When you plan for motherhood then your major focus will be toward your periods. When your period delays then you may feel excited and can prefer pregnancy test.

7. Morning Sickness or Nausea:-

In the beginning of pregnancy, morning sickness and vomiting are the most common things you will experience. This makes a woman uncomfortable in the early pregnancy.

8. Smell Sensitivity:-

Smell sensitivity is another symptom of pregnancy. Suddenly when your favorite perfume smells dangerous or the food smell causes vomiting then this means you are expecting.

9. Food craving, Food aversions:-

Suddenly you start loving spicy, sweet and salty food? Food craving or food aversions are the common things a pregnant woman experience during first trimester.

10. Bloating or Constipation:-

Abdominal pain or tightening in the morning can happen during pregnancy. Women experience bloating, belching and constipation during pregnancy. This is not only an early symptom of pregnancy but sometimes it remains during the entire nine months of pregnancy.