What to avoid when trying to conceive

Answering big questions: What to avoid when trying to conceive

Trying to conceive is one big waiting game. You never know and you can never be sure is it going to be this month or the next month or the month thereafter. With the smartphones I am sure you are tracking your cycles and following all the baby making tricks in the book but remember what not to do becomes as important as what to do during this time. Here we are mentioning a few habits foods and activities to what to avoid while trying to conceive.

1. Drinking

Probably I am not the first one to tell you this but you have to stop hitting the bar if you are trying to conceive, or at least try to stick to sparkling water while you are there. It's not that you have stopped after getting pregnant you have to quit before that. You should also get your partner to nix it since having more than 5 drinks a week can reduce your sperm quality.

2. Now the smoking

You are probably thinking of quitting smoking once you get pregnant but it would be a huge benefit if you quit now. It takes longer for a smoking woman to conceive and makes the egg more prone to genetic abnormalities. It increases the chances of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy.

3. Too much coffee

No, you don't have to cut down on the morning cup of joy. Experts suggest you cut down the consumption to 200 mg. Caffeine may increase your blood pressure and the baby’s heart rate.

4. Getting overweight

Calculate your BMI while trying to conceive. Less than 18.5 and over 30 can cause irregular or missed periods. If you are extremely underweight you can stop ovulating altogether. So the most important thing is being healthy while trying to get the bump.

5. The veggies

The experts fight a lot n what to and what not to eat which make you more fertile, but hey all agree on one thing say no to fires and say yes to spinach salad is folic acid. One of the important things is vitamin B which prevents the birth defects.

6. Neglecting teeth

No you can't even ignore that. You along with your partner should have a pearly while before you are planning to get pregnant. Poor oral hygiene can affect sperm count, and having a gum disease means the risk of premature delivery and low birth weight baby.

7. Too much gym

I understand that you need to stay fit but don't overdo it. Vigorous exercise also makes it difficult for women to get pregnant. Do go for that run in the morning but too much exercise can mess with your fertility.

8. Bpa

Take a look at what your water bottles contain. BPA aka bisphenol is a compound found in plastics and water bottles and even in the lining of aluminum cans. This can mess with both men and women's fertility reducing sperm count and the number of viable eggs. Limit BPA by avoiding canned food and having anything from plastic.