Newborn baby care tips

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June 8, 2019
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Newborn baby care tips

New borns are the new entrants into a family with whom everyone will be happy. These tiny little infants need to be handled properly and first few days of their life are most important till they get used to the outside world. Especially those 10 days after birth are crucial, and infact creates an eagerness in new mothers to know about how to handle them properly at every step. So, let us have a look at most important aspects where mother need to be more concentrating on newborn care.

  • Holding newborn babies

Most of the people we see will be afraid to hold the newborns, only because they are delicate to handle. However, if you take care while holding that is supporting their head with hands while picking in hands, can make them comfortable. Mothers need to take extra care when they are carrying them on shoulders, especially which is needed after they are feeding session is completed.

  • Wrap the baby

Yes, it is utmost important to wrap the baby completely with a smooth cotton cloth or wrapping clothes. Wrapping will not only give them warmness, but also at the same time a baby with low weight can be able to gain weight. However, wrapping is highly essential in rainy, winter seasons in first 10 days.

  • Wash hands properly

Mothers need to take newborn care by washing their hands or else using a sanitizer, before holding them. It is because even a small infection can put them at risk, as their immune system is not yet strong to fight with viruses. This is not only for mothers, but who ever will hold them they need to wash their hands before carrying.

  • Bathing

Bathing is another important aspect in newborn care, which needs to handle properly. The most important thing to keep in mind is to use only baby products, because they are mild and free from hard chemicals. If a new mother is afraid of bathing the baby then she can take help of elders in the family or else nurses.

  • Diaper change

Diaper change is yet another crucial step for most of the new mothers. You might be confused on the frequency of diaper change, in the early days they require 7 to 10 diapers per day, and it is also a good sign. The other necessities that you need to keep with you are wet wipes, diaper rash cream and diaper rash powder.

The above mentioned are some of the most important things that every new mother need to keep in mind of their newborn care. So, this is the time to spend time with the new born which will create a bonding with them.

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